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EYCI's Strong Start in 2024: A Boon for Australian Stock Agents

18th January 2024

The year 2024 has begun on a high note for the Australian cattle industry, with the Eastern States Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) opening at 541.73c/kg, marking an 85c/kg increase from the previous year's close. This surge in EYCI reflects a robust demand in the market, especially evident in the initial sales at Wagga, Tamworth, Pakenham, Bendigo, and Mortlake.

Feedlot buyers have shown a keen interest, dominating the early transactions and indicating a healthy market. The recent heavy rains across Eastern Australia have injected confidence, assuaging fears of an El Niño impact in the near term.

Key sales in Victoria and Naracoorte have showcased strong demand, with prices significantly higher than those in December. Particularly, cattle with substantial weight are fetching high prices, highlighting the demand from northern feedlots.

This upswing presents an opportune moment for stock and station agents, suggesting a favorable market for both buying and selling. Utilising tools like Stock Agent Pro can enable agents to effectively coordinate and communicate in this dynamic market, ensuring they capitalise on these favorable conditions. The software's features, including real-time market updates and communication tools, can help agents stay ahead in the game, ensuring the best deals for their clients.

As the market continues to unfold in 2024, embracing technology and staying informed will be key for stock and station agents looking to make the most of these promising trends.