Tailored for Austrailian stock and station agents, our software streamlines communication and coordination from the paddock to the processor.

It's all about making your life simpler and keeping your vendors informed. We've packed this tool with features that cut through the hassle and bring clarity to your cattle transactions for all participants. Whether you're coordinating with feedlots, chatting with carriers, or sealing deals with processors, we've got your back every step of the way.

Ready to see how technology can revolutionise your cattle sales? Our software is all about making every transaction smooth and efficient, allowing you to keep more clients happy without increasing your workload. It's the smart way to scale your business, keeping the same team size while expanding your client base and reach. Dive into the details below and discover how we make the complex simple, keeping you at the forefront of the Australian cattle market. 

How the software works

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Vendor Initiation

Vendor contacts agent via phone, SMS, email, in person, or through the website

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Cattle Entry

Agent selects vendor and property, then enters cattle details

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Price Comparison

Agent accesses and reviews buyer price grids

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Buyer Match

Matches the cattle with an appropriate buyer based on price grids and buyer requirements

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Sale Confirmation

Sale finalised, vendor notified of the pickup week.

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Transport Coordination

Agent arranges cattle transportation with carriers

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Pickup Scheduling

Vendor receives final pickup date and time

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Transport Confirmation

After the shipping date, agent confirms final numbers with vendor

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Analysis & Reporting

Software generates relevant reports and analysis