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Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange Reopens

7th February 2024

The Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (NRLX) in Casino, a prominent cattle trading hub in New South Wales, has reopened its gates after a seven-month hiatus, marking a significant event for the agricultural community. The reopening brings together agents, buyers, and a heap of cattle, following the appointment of a new operating body. This move is especially timely for the forthcoming weaner season, anticipated to see a surge in cattle sales required by local producers.

The closure, a result of disagreements between the trading agents and the Richmond Valley Council, had led to a quiet period for one of the region's largest livestock facilities. However, with negotiations settled and a new lease agreement with Outcross Agri-Services in place, the exchange is buzzing with activity once more. The first sale saw a robust offering of 2,300 head of prime cattle, highlighting the strong return to form for NRLX.

This reopening is not just a win for the agents but also for the local cattle industry, which had felt the absence of this key market. The change in operational hands to Outcross Agri-Services introduces a new fee structure aimed at maintaining affordability for vendors in light of inflation, alongside innovative measures like pre-sale pen scanning to enhance efficiency.

The revitalisation of NRLX has been met with enthusiasm from various stakeholders in the cattle trade. Livestock carriers, producers, and buyers express relief and optimism at the return to Casino, citing reduced logistical challenges and better market access. The establishment of an advisory committee promises ongoing dialogue and improvements, ensuring that NRLX remains responsive to the needs of its community.

As NRLX resumes its role as a central marketplace for cattle in New South Wales, the positive impact extends beyond the saleyard. The return of business to Casino supports local infrastructure, bolsters community spirit, and reaffirms the area's significance in Australia's cattle trading landscape. This resurgence underscores the resilience and collaborative spirit of the agricultural sector, poised to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth and prosperity.