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Understanding the Impact of MLA's New Online Young Cattle Indicator

8th December 2023

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has introduced a pivotal tool in the cattle industry – the Online Young Cattle Indicator (OYCI). This innovation marks a significant advancement in tracking and reporting cattle prices online, mirroring the established Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI).

Overview of OYCI:

  • The OYCI provides a daily price information based on a seven-day rolling average for weaner and yearling heifers and steers weighing between 200-400 kg.
  • Unlike the EYCI, which focuses on livestock with muscle/fat scores between C2 and C3, the OYCI includes non-station mated livestock with fat scores from 1 to 5​.

Price Trends Comparison:

  • Analysis reveals that the OYCI and EYCI have similar trends, with OYCI often at a slight premium​
  • The OYCI is reported in cents per kilogram of liveweight, which, when adjusted for dressing yield, presents a nuanced comparison to the EYCI's carcass weight basis reporting​

Price Spread Analysis:

  • The OYCI has ranged from 0 to 100 cents premium compared to the EYCI, averaging nearly 52 cents in the past year​.
  • Evaluating these indicators on a percentage basis offers a more accurate picture, especially given recent price fluctuations​.

Recent Market Trends:

  • Recently, the OYCI has shown a quicker price recovery than the EYCI, widening the premium spread significantly​.
  • As more online market data is incorporated, the OYCI will offer deeper insights into price and spread fluctuations across seasons and cattle cycles​

The OYCI is a crucial tool for stakeholders in the cattle industry, offering real-time insights into market trends and pricing. As MLA expands its dataset, the OYCI will become even more instrumental in understanding and predicting market movements, ultimately aiding in better decision-making for vendors and buyers alike.